Vacuuming Tips for Homeowners

For those who don’t know, around 33% of homeowners in the United States admit that they don’t clean the areas in their homes that are hard to reach. Unfortunately, these hard-to-reach places are prime areas for dirt, dust, and indoor air contaminants to collect.  

If you’re searching for a couple of tips on how to improve your home’s overall cleanliness, then you’ve come to the right website. If you know how to vacuum properly, you can improve the level of cleanliness in your house.  

However, if you think you’ve got no time to clean your home, don’t worry. A professional Bay Area house cleaning company can help you do the job.  

Buy a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner 

Keep in mind that there are thousands of various vacuum cleaners available in the market today. You might be tempted to purchase a cheap vacuum. However, it might not be enough to do the job properly.  

Professionals recommend that you always purchase a high-quality vacuum from a reliable manufacturer.  

Consider the Features 

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners have different features that can make your life easier. You’ve got to ensure you pick a vacuum with the right features for your home. A couple of vacuums include detachable handheld vacuum apparatus. Some have extensions that are excellent for eliminating dirt in nooks and corners.  

Do your homework first to see what features are most suitable for your house.  

Create a Routine 

If you create a routine for your home cleaning tasks, you will easily incorporate it into your day-to-day life. For instance, a couple of homeowners choose a particular day of the week to vacuum. Some prefer a more freeform routine such as vacuuming before and after a party.  

Choose a routine that you like. You can always change your routine to fix it if you notice that you’re neglecting it a bit.  

Listen to a Podcast or Music 

Though a couple of individuals can vacuum a house mindlessly, it can be extremely boring for others. Listening to auditory stimulations, such as a podcast or music, is an excellent approach to enjoy your chores. It will also help you pass time easily.  

Move Everything 

Before you start vacuuming the floor, make sure you get rid of any items on the surface. This includes rugs, power cords, and other miscellaneous belongings.  

If you do it while vacuuming, you can waste a lot of time and it can also be extremely frustrating.  

For a comprehensive cleaning, always move everything out of the way before you start.  

Take a Break 

Just because you’re dedicating an entire day cleaning your house does not mean you should do the job continuously. Make sure you take a break now and then. You can eat something, talk to a friend, or go for a walk.  

According to studies, taking a micro-break or a simple break intermittently throughout your tasks will improve your productivity. It will also help result in an overall better-finished product.  

If you’re cleaning your house for 8 hours, make sure you take 15-minute breaks every 1-2 hours.